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 The inaugural Julian Apple Growers Association meeting was held in Julian on Wednesday,  Sept 5.  The purpose of the meeting is to bring together all of the apple growers of the Julian back country area in an effort to gather and share the collective knowledge of apple farming.  The Growers Association will also serve as a marketing tool for the apple growers of the region, helping to promote Julian's unique apple producing region.

     Due to the location, elevation and climate of Julian, the apples grown in Julian are a very special product.  Growing high quality apples in Julian requires skill, dedication, and cooperation from mother nature.  Julian is known for producing apples with amazingly robust flavors.  This is due in part to the "dry farming" conditions in which most of the apples are grown.  There is also a movement underway in Julian to produce heirloom varietals of apples.  Some of these apple varietys date back to a time when America was just a fledgling country, and are only preserved through the love and dedication of apple growers like the ones in Julian.

     If you would like more information or to attend the next meeting please sign up for our Newsletter or contact the Association at JulianAGA (at) Julian Apples getting ripe